Following is a sampling of what some clients had to say about their personal marketing documents and career coaching.

Michelle Kaufmann does a phenomenal job at revamping resumes for her clients. In my resume, she made very strong efforts to understand who I am and what I was looking for in my job. She spent time on editing and designing my resume so that it was not only visually appealing but emphasized and went into extreme detail about my strengths in general and the specific field I was going into. Following her re-imaging of my resume, I received over ten phone calls for interviews in under two months. Of the five interviews I entertained, all five referenced my “remarkable” resume and asked questions in reference to it. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a chance to start interviewing for a new job to first talk to Michelle Kaufmann to get their foot in the door and stun the competition.

Terry Kaufmann does an outstanding job preparing people through mock-interviews for the real-life experience of being interviewed. Through his in-person and phone interviews, you feel as though you are being interviewed for the real deal. He makes sure that he is fully aware of the job you are interviewing for and what questions they may ask you. He spends valuable time understanding what interviewers are looking for in their future employees, and he employs their language during the mock-interviews to best simulate the experience. Terry does not only work as someone to practice interviewing with, but he also coaches you throughout. One of the most helpful and applicable experiences during my 3 or 4 sessions was the coaching feedback Terry gave me. His advice was not as generic as the interview advice you will find online. He’s a real person who truly understands how to approach these often stressful situations. He also makes sure that the environment of the interview and the coaching is healthy and constructive during feedback. Knowing that I could ask him questions without being judged and receiving an answer that I could truly use was beyond useful. Furthermore, he gives helpful hints as to how to approach questions, what words to use and not use, what questions you should ask, finding tendencies in yourself you may want to monitor, and more. After I underwent Terry’s training, I had five interviews in less than two months, and each interview I received a job offer, some of which were on the spot. I would recommend that everyone should go through interview coaching, and especially from Terry Kaufmann. He is friendly, experienced, prepared, and above all supportive. If you truly want to nail that next interview, it would be in your best interest to sign up with Terry Kaufmann.

  • Kyle L. 

Excellent job on this project. I really appreciate all your hard work researching my position. I have been very impressed with your work and it has been great working with you. I will let you know if I need help as things progress.

  • Ryan H. 

Terry Kaufmann made my career. He’s single-handedly responsible for enabling me to make the turn from individual contributor to leader. While working for Terry I gained an immense respect for the process, process improvement, and consistency. He showed me that honesty and kindness have a place in leadership He is an excellent leader, coach, manager, and communicator.

  • Justin P. 

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know, because you did such a great job on the resume you created for me, I was able to get my job back with JP Morgan Chase. I presented them with the resume and was given really good feedback. They were really impressed with the layout and the format that you used when creating my resume. I’m sure I had a little to do with getting the job LOL. I was told by a few managers at Chase that the resume was one of the best-looking resume’s they have come across in quite a while. Just wanted to say thank you and I will definitely pass your email and website along to a few of my friends who are in the process of looking for a job and are in need of getting a really effective resume created. Thanks again!!

  • Jason M.

Looks excellent! Your work is exceptional, in a class of its own. I want to tell you those resumes resulted in 42 hits for resume looks, 14 interviews, 5 job offers, one I am taking in the automotive field. This would not have happened without your creative work. I will tell everyone I know to come to you for this kind of work.

  • John L.

I’m thrilled with how the resume came out. It’s exactly what I was looking for in terms of marketing my career thus far. I can’t think of any changes I would make to the current version. Job well done!
  • Robbie F.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you very much for the work you did on my resume. I have used it so far to apply for a couple of positions and have received positive responses. I have so far done one phone interview with an employer who has recommended me for the next step and various phone interviews with recruiters.  Another employer emailed me questions to answer concerning my experience.
As my search progresses I will evaluate if I need career advancement coaching services.
  • Lillian B.

Thanks for the great job you did on my resume, my phone rings nonstop. I already have 4 offers after 1 1/2 weeks of posting my resume.
I recommended you to my sister. She should be reaching out to you in the next few days.
  • Rosie H. 

You are great at your job!  After reviewing my new resume, I may have to apply for President or something–it looks so good!  Lol…
Thanks so much for all you do!
  • Jessica R.

Email response from a client’s personal friend… after reviewing his resume:

I must meet this guy! That is one seriously impressive resume. Seriously, she did a great job. For sure I can see how she loaded the top with some keywords that helped highlight where you fit in. I really love how she highlighted some of your accomplishments as a crystal clear example of your impact on an enterprise. Kudos to her. Glad that you invested in that.

  • Tracy H. 

I need to tell you about an experience regarding the resume you made for me. Just to test the waters, I applied for a job at an engineering office that needed a temporary position filled for an employee taking a leave of absence and the Company president and HR manager were very complimentary on my resume, saying that it was the first one they have seen in a long time without a spelling error!  Kudos to you and thank you for making me look good. 🙂

  • Marian C.

I hope this email finds you well! I just wanted to update you and let you know that I have been receiving great feedback since I started to send out my resume earlier this month! Thank you so much for putting this together and helping me take the next step in my career! I feel so confident when sending out my resume and cover letter. I hope no doubt something will happen for me soon!

  • Taylor S. 

Thank you to Michelle and MCK Resume Service. You did a wonderful job with the re-writing of my resume. I was able to land a job and have also increased my potential employer views on Monster by 300%. Great job!!!
  • Chris K.

I would like to thank you once again for the work and outstanding job you did on my resume. I had my first interview today and the first thing the interviewing manager said was that the resume layout and presentation are outstanding and catching. I can’t thank you enough.  What I can do and would love to do is recommend your services to other people that I come in contact with that need a resume and hand out your business cards if you would like to send a few my way.

  • Maggie B.

I highly recommend Michelle for resume services.  I was very impressed with her skillful insight and expert ability to format and tweak my resume to make it look and sound very professional.  My first impression when I saw my new resume was “Wow!”  She not only improved the look and content of my resume but also gave advice on how to follow up to make a better impression and how to get the resume seen by the right person.   Michelle is a genuine and caring person!!  I hope you employ Michelle for your resume services, I am glad I did!  I am happy I found Michelle and will continue to utilize and recommend her services to my friends and associates for their professional career search needs.   Thank you, Michelle, from the heart.

  • Christina B.

Michelle did a great job of “renovating” my resume! I would highly recommend her services as she is very skilled, knowledgeable, and professional. I was very impressed when I saw my resume for the first time, as it looked far more professional than anything I could have done on my own. I already have my first interview! I can’t thank Michelle enough for all her hard work!

  • Kay T.

I was so delighted when I received my revised resume back from MCK Resume Service.  My resume has a fresh updated look to it, the information is clear, concise and very professional.  The best part of having this service give my resume a fresh look is dealing with Michelle. She is very pleasant to work with. After talking with her the first time, she and I were on the same page with what I envisioned my resume to be.  The great thing that happened is when I received my resume back she exceeded my expectations!  Thanks, MCKResume Service!

  • Pat L.

Michelle, thanks for getting a draft to me quicker than expected. It looked excellent!

  • Steven M.

Thank you for your prompt service and help. My daughter is so happy and feels so confident with her new resume. I will definitely recommend your services to family and friends.

  • Valerie R.

Thank you for all your effort, patience, and knowledge.  You do great work and we appreciate all of it! This looks wonderful and we appreciate your fast turnaround. We are thrilled with the work you have accomplished and truly believe this resume will make a distinct difference in the positions I am able to compete for. Thank you for all your help!

  • Dale and Michelle H. 

I thought I had made a good resume, but when I let Michelle take a look at it, and then tweak it, the results were “Wow!” She has done a great job with it- I could never have made it look and sound that good! Haha. Seriously, she has taken a good resume and turned it into a great one. I am proud to submit it to the companies which I am attempting to connect. The resumes are very professional in appearance, outlined in detail, but highlights to read in an easy, eye-catching format. If you hire Michelle, you will not be disappointed.

  • Ginger T.

Michelle, I am looking over the draft and wow, I am glad you are working on my resume and not me!! You did a much better job than I could have done!! I never looked so good on paper before. You have done a great job with this and I am excited to actually hand it to someone now!

  • Andrew S.

Thank you, Michelle. You made this very easy for me…and I was struggling with doing it myself. You expedited the process and didn’t require much time from me to get this done. I appreciate that!

  • Rachael C.

WOW!! Michelle these are terrific! So much better than what the other guy did by far!

Update from client: The recruiter called me today and said that resume was one of the best he’s seen. That was your doing!! I will recommend you to everyone. Thanks.
  • Karen V.

Michelle, I have already had a call from a company from your resume that you built for me. They were very impressed!!!!

  • Jordan S.

Your professionalism, attention to detail, your understanding of the message I wanted to convey in my Resume, and great communication – Your work is perfection! It was the BEST EXPERIENCE I’ve ever had working with a Professional Resume Writer.  I will refer you to all of my friends!!  Thank you for the excellent Resume!!!

  • Faith L. 

I have never seen anything like that. It looks amazing to me. Thank you so much. 

  • Jessica H. 

Thanks so much for your help with my Cover Letters and Resumes. I just received my promotion to Captain. 

  • Beverly G.

Thank you so much, it was a pleasure working with you!  I think they are both fabulous [resume and cover letter], I could not be happier. Thank you!!!! Also, I passed your information along to a friend of mine who was very impressed. She should be contacting you in a week or so.

  • Matt M.

Thank you!  It looks perfect!

  • Carolyn S.

I love it! Guess what? I got an interview for my dream job today!! I also have a phone chat on Monday and at least two large organizations are considering my resume right now! This resume has been a game changer for me! I really appreciate it!! I think I’ll be happily working within the next few weeks!

  • Mariam E. 

Update 1 year later:

Thank you so much for your help. It truly changed my life as I was able to buy my dream home just three months after I got the job I needed thanks to your resume help!

  • Mariam E. 

Not long ago you helped my son with his resume. He ended up receiving offers from both companies that he applied to and accepted a position that he began immediately after his college graduation. Thank you.

  • Allison R.

Thank you! The resume and cover letter look great, I do not see any changes that are required to be made.  What you have provided exceeded my expectations.

  • Donna R. 

You took a bunch of stuff and turned it into something I am proud of!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!! I am very happy with what you have done!!!!!!!!!!!

  • KLW

Wow!  I love it Michelle, what an amazing improvement.

  • Laura B. 

Hi Michelle, I hope you remember me.  You redesigned my resume back in February of this year and you did a phenomenal job.  I have had many great interviews with some great companies.  Just waiting on some offers.

  • Gina S. 

I am ready to hire myself, nice job Michelle.

  • Dennis M.

This is exactly what I was looking for. I have read through both documents thoroughly and they are fantastic.
Thank you!
  • Elisa W. 

Michelle was kind and professional. She’s brilliant and creative and made my unique resume really stand out. Needless to say, I was hired by one of the best companies in the US to work for. Soon after I submitted my resume and cover letter I was called for an interview. From the initial “get to know me” phone conversation to the day I received my resume and cover letter via email, she kept things simple in the process. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my career move and I’m simply grateful for her expertise and how my cover letter was so eloquently written all my positive qualities too. It’s like she’s known me for a long time. Very pleased and so grateful! Thank you, Michelle!

  • Jennifer T.

I just wanted to let you know that the impressive resume you made for me has gotten me a job at Medical Center of XXX. I got a huge bump in pay and am so excited. It’s a different kind of case management than I am used to, but kind of the same. I am very excited to start late March. I put out maybe 10 or 12 applications. I only went on one interview. I declined another due to location. But, I guess it only takes one! Thanks so much!
  • Michelle R. 

Wow is all I have to say !! It looks wonderful. I think you are a magician and it looks great.
  • Chris Z. 

I was so excited to review my revised resume. You did an amazing job! I could have never written it so well!!

  • Carolyn H. 

Thank you for your expertise and excellent preparation of my resume and cover letter.  I will send referrals your way if I am ever asked if I know someone who prepares resumes.  And yes, I will keep you updated on my progress and all of the interviews I plan to have.  I may pursue a linked in profile in the future.  And I will definitely at some point need a thank you letter to an interview.  I might even consider job interview coaching….

  • Barbara M.  

Awesome work! You articulated very well on my background and accomplishments! The layout looks great, and I like the color idea. I don’t have any other suggestions, or changes, at this moment. Thanks, Michelle!

  • Kelli L. 

I sent the new resume to a national recruiter on Friday and he said that it looked “great”. Thanks again.

  • David C. 

I love what you have done with my sad boring resume!  It now looks like me, not just someone looking for a job.

  • Mark L.

Creating a job-winning resume is like taking all the pieces of an employment picture and arranging them into a compelling work of art. May I help you craft your masterpiece? I invite you to contact me by either of the convenient means below: 

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4 thoughts on “Testimonials”

  1. After being told I was being let go after 11 years of service at my current job. I have not done my resume since. After Michelle got done with my resume. It was very uplifting and gratifying. Now am ready to enter the job search times.

  2. When I think of MCK Resume Writing Services the word that comes to mind is integrity!
    When I received my first draft of the work Michelle had done on my resume I was
    blown away! The resume layout and precise wording was done so professionally, I
    could tell that Michelle puts in time and research to get the job done just right!!

    I have a business and the number of clients I now have has tripled since using MCK
    services! If your looking to update your resume or just have one made from the
    ground up I would recommend MCK services. Michelle is a joy to work with, she
    listens and provides what you’re looking for and the end result is amazing!

    1. Wow, Patrice, thank you for your kind words and glowing review. It is always my pleasure to work with you and many of your family members, thanks to your generous referrals. I am so glad our relationship doesn’t end with just one resume. I am here to help you anytime you need assistance with your personal marketing documents. Wishing you continued success! Michelle

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