7 common job interview mistakes

Mustachguy_fingergun_380_crop380wShowing up late for an interview because you spent too much time trying to fix a bad hair day, may start you off on the wrong foot and make you feel less confident entering an interview. Agreeably, this is not an ideal curtain raiser, but believe it or not, it’s not an immediate disqualifier either. According to many employers, the most common detrimental mistakes candidates make in interviews are:

  • Inappropriate dress
  • Arrogance and/or aloofness
  • Uneducated about company and position
  • Negativity (particularly about previous employers)
  • Lacking specific examples of professional strengths and achievements
  • Rambling and offering too much unsolicited personal information
  • Accepting text message or phone call during interview

Knowing and avoiding these 7 simple mistakes can help put you on the right path toward a successful interview and hopefully a job offer.


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